Holley hp efi programming manual

Holley hp efi programming manual

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23/08/2013 · Hello my name is Matt. I’ve had the Dominator EFI in my ’71 Chevy truck for sometime now. I’m running a ’91 454 2 bbl TBI, 4L80E transmission. How does a guy learn how to use this awesome ECU that knows little about EFI tuning. I just want better throttle response, just a …
Sniper EFI software was designed to make navigation simple and easy. Most tuning parameters and software functions can be found by selecting an icon from the toolbar. Detailed instructions of each icon are contained in this manual. FUEL SYNC
12/02/2017 · Holley sniper on a 1963 ford galaxie country sedan. This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.
Holley has made it easy to select just the right engine control unit for your needs. Choose from:Holley HP: Advanced EFI for Everyman Holley Dominator: EFI With Virtually Unlimited Capabilities Holley Avenger: All-Inclusive EFI for Small- and Big-Block Chevrolet Holley Terminator EFI: State o
Holley Dominator – Turbo GM LS2/LS3/LS7 – Manual Transmission • Holley EFI 554-114 Dominator ECU 94 • Holley EFI 554-101 Bosch Wideband o2 sensor 6 x2 = 8 • Holley EFI 558-103 LS2/LS3 Main engine wiring harness 3 • Holley EFI 558-409 USB programming cable • Holley EFI 558-308 Main power harness • Holley EFI
Holley’s new “intelligent” EFI systems are without a doubt the most exciting thing to come out of Bowling Green, Kentucky in the past 20 years. The Holley Avenger, HP and Dominator EFI systems are doing to fuel delivery what the smart bomb did to warfare, make it surgically precise with a “fire and forget” type actuation. These won
22/06/2018 · Recently the game changed again when Holley EFI released its fifth software update, simply called V5. For those who are unfamiliar with the strides Holley EFI has made with its systems, the company—which dominates the carburetor market—offers two highly capable EFI systems dubbed HP and Dominator. It is a play on their carburetor division
26/09/2018 · some wiring tips and tricks with holley efi and general practices to follow to help avoid future problems.
3 1.0 INTRODUCTION Holley has written this manual for the installation of the HP EFI manifold and fuel system.Wiring harness and ECU installation, sensor connections, startup, and tuning are contained on the disc supplied with HP systems.
Swapping from carburetor to electronic fuel injection may sound difficult but we easily upgraded a classic muscle car using the FAST EZ-EFI. As you can follow along in the video, we completed the swap in short order with a light crew and common hand tools, and programming the ECU was easier than using a …

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14/08/2014 · Installation of a Holley base program for either the HP or Dominator ECU. www.hilborninjection.com
So let us design a complete EFI system featuring the Holley HP ECU for your application and put the power of the HP in your hands. Contact our EFI specialist for more information or a price quote. Holley EFI components are also sold separately. Contact us to place an order or get a quote.
30/10/2018 · Must watch video for your first start up procedures with Holley EFI.


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